Friday, February 22, 2013

I am a finalist!

I surely didn't expect that much, and I am much excited about it! There are some seriously awesome dresses amongst the finalists and I feel quite honoured to be one of them!

Go have a look and vote for your favorite!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The little black dress

Every lady should have a little black dress.

I had been dreaming of a lace dress for some time. With a full skirt and sheer lace sleeves... And then there was this black lace fabric on sale at the fabric store. I bought 3 meters of it, along with some black satin and began scheming. After lots of hand stitches, i now have a new favorite dress. Anyone want to go party with me so that I have a reason to wear it?

I incorporated a few "couture" techniques in the process, just because I love how it looks. The dress feels so luxurious because of all the time and attention I put in it. The facing is understitched by hand with a prick stitch and the zipper is inserted by hand. I binded the waist seam with self-fabric bias tape and added a waist stay, as the skirt is quite heavy. I am also happy with how the "hemming" of the skirt and sleeves worked out, with the decoupage of the lace. I love the scalloped effect!
I am really happy with the dress! The skirt is less full then I envisioned, but I think it makes the dress more modern.

Back view.  Yes that is ice on the pond.

I love the V in the back. Also notice the guys posing on the other side of the pond. You think he also has a sewing blog?

The fit is also quite good. A tad big in the waist, maybe. The waist stay need to be a little tighter.

Pleats in front and back.

Detail, showing the understitching and the fell stitching on the facing.

The hem, inside out. Yes, I pinked the SA, it makes me happy!

Inside out, showing the waist stay and the all in one facing.

The zipper was inserted by hand. The stitches completely disappear in the lace.

This dress is also my entry for the Burda style Sewing vintage modern contest. Hop over there and vote for your favorite frock!