Friday, November 21, 2014

Knitting: Pull Presque Sessun

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been sewing a lot and feeling very creative lately, but seriously lacking motivation to take pictures and blog. I think that the grey november weather is mostly to blame... But anyways, I have a few things lined up to share!

I don't often post knitting projects, something I should remedy to because I actually knit quite a bit. I try to keep my Ravelry project page up to date, so check it out if you are interested in more knitting.This particular project is a bit special. It started when a online knitting friend shared on Instagram that she had fallen head over heels for the Pull Presque Sessun. The only problem being that the pattern is only in French, a language she doesn't speak, let alone can knit from. As it happened, I had *just* favorited this pattern litterally the day before, so I offered to translate the pattern to English and suggested that we did a knit-along together. I contacted the designer who thought it was an awesome idea, bought some wool and we started knitting togheter!

Translating a french knitting pattern proved to be a challenge, as it was phrased very differently than I am used to, but I think I managed to make it understandable. If you are interested, check out our KAL thread! You'll find the translation and further details there.

As for the sweater, I'm on the fence about the final result. I love the lace yoke (of course!) but I'm really unsure about the yarn (Pickles Angora), and the sleeves are a tad too big and too short. I've been wearing the sleeves rolled up, as you see in the pictures, which is a bit better, but... hmm. The fabric gets a bit saggy, and the angora doesn't have any recovery and doesn't really block. But I like the color and the fluffiness, and it's warm and cozy. And I need to resew the buttons, they are uneven and it really annoys me!

Finally, thank you to everybody who left a comment on my last post! I decided to add a short version in Swedish, and I'll see how that goes!

And I know the pics are not the best (blaming the grey november weather again), but it's better than nothing, right?

En ny tröja som är färdigstickat! Mönstret är en gratismönster på Ravelry, men tyvärr endast på franska. Tillsammans med Eddy har vi haft en KAL där jag också översatt mönstret till engelska. Ganska utmanande! Jag är hyfsat nöjd med resultatet, även om jag inte är riktigt säker om jag gillar angora...