Tuesday, August 6, 2013

70s style day dress

So I made a new dress! This time from a vintage pattern. I'm guessing it's from the seventies, but that counts as vintage right? It is a swedish STIL pattern that was given to me by my boyfriend's mum, along with a pile of awful 80s patterns, but let's focus on the nice stuff.

I made view A with the collar, the one in pink above. I liked the soft gathers, the cute collar and the breeziness of the elasticated waist. I used a poly crepe fabric I bought in Paris on my recent trip. 

The pattern did not include seams allowances, so it took a lot of figuring out for the collar, but it turned all right in the end. Otherwise, it was simple to sew. Fitwise, I removed about 10 cm in the circumference at bust level. I did it after everything was done, so it is not perfect, but it is a great improvement compared to before. I'm happy with the fit now, so all good.


  1. Your dress turned out very nice. The fabric is really pretty. I think the pattern is from the early 80's though, I recognise the style from a dress my mum wore in a photo from that time.

    1. i was totally guessing the era of the pattern, the 80s makes a lot of sense now that you say it. thanks for the pointer!

  2. Cute! What a fun dress!