Thursday, June 20, 2013

MMM recap

Alright, I am aware it is almost the end of June, but I wanted to take a minute and reflect over Me Made May. It was my first time participating, and I didn't set myself a sky-high goal, but something I felt was attainable. May was a frantic month for me, and for half of it, I had to spend my days and nights in my Eurovision t-shirt. I pledged to waer a handmade garment at least 3 times a week, and besides for the 10 days of Eurovision, I managed quite well. I did wear the same things a few times... mostly because they are garments in which I feel good. Quite a few me-made items stayed in my closet, unworn. So my biggest lesson learned from Me Made May is to sew things I love and love to wear. It is, afterall, why I sew! I want to have a closet full of beautiful clothes (mostly dresses...) that makes me happy to wear. Handmade clothes are not the goal in itself for me, only a way to achieve my goal: Feel good in my clothes!

The major fail of Me Made May was obviously the documentation of it... I kind of regret now not having pictures to look back to, in order to be able to analyse what I wore. Oh well, September will come soon enough!

I leave you with some pictures of Florence i May...

A dress I made last summer. The bodice is Ava from Victory patterns with a straight skirt and an elasticated waist. I did some colourblocking on the skirt, I really need to to that again. So simple but quite a nice effect. 

The cathedral, Il Duomo. We climbed in the cupola on the last morning, and got to the top. The views of the city were amazing!

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