Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bombshell swimsuit

I am about to publish some photos of me in a swimsuit on the internet, and I feel okay with that. That is proof of just how amazing Heathers Bombshell swimsuit pattern is. I mean, I'm almost naked, and somehow I feel classy and dressed (!?). This pattern is the swimsuit of my dreams and even if there are quite a few things I want to improve until next time, I'll be wearing this one all summer and feel like a movie star.

I'm really pleased with myself for actually sewing a swimsuit! The instructions, and working with a stretch fabric, can be intimidating, but everything makes perfect sense when you're actually sewing. And I had no problems at all sewing this up with only my sewing machine and a good old zig zag stitch.  Hopefully this will stand the test of time, but I threw myself in the water just after this photoshoot and everything held up just fine. I made view A in a quite crazy pinkish color. I bought it online (I was so excitedto find a swedish supplier of lycra!) and it was described as coral. I had never imagined coral could be neon. I was a bit disappointed, but then thought I would tackle this first swimsuit as a wearable muslin, and that it would allow me to get into all that elastic and lycra handling. The color is kind of growing on me, though, and my boyfriend says it'll be practical as I will be easy to spot on the beach...

I really love the silhouette of this swimsuit. I like how everything I want to hide is hidden, and even though there is so much of me covered up, I feel so sexy. The size is good, but I could probably shorten the bodice by a few cms. I do feel like there is a bit too much fabric in the width of the outer fabric. It sometimes feels like the fabric ripples and sag a bit over my belly. Nothing major, though.

I cannot remember the last time I was in a swimsuit and not worry about my bum showing too much. The ruching in the back is most definately sexy and flattering. And look at the fantastic hourglass shape it gives me! Is my waist really so tiny?

There is a bit of a funny thing going on at the bustline, and I'm not quite sure what is wrong. Maybe it's the elastic that wants to roll out, or maybe I should have thighten the elastic more when I inserted it, but there is a bit of gaping going on. Also, I wish there was more support at the bust. I didn't insert any foam cups, for the only reason that I could not find any, and I didn't wanted to have to wait if I ordered online. I will most definately figure out something to provide support for my next version. I am dreaming of a swimsuit in black with gold polka dots...


  1. YESSSSSSS!!! This looks SO fantastic on you and I think the colour is divine (neon coral happens to be one of my favourite colours!) I think you're right about adding a little stretch to the elastic at the top. Next time around add about 10-20% stretch and you should be perfect! LOVE!

  2. This is GORGEOUS! I love the color and the swimsuit it looks so beautiful on you! I'm working on mine now... I hope mine will look at good on me as yours :)

  3. This is stunning! I love coral, it doesn't actually look neon on my screen but your boyfriend's comment made me giggle! Love the sound of the polka dots! :)

  4. You look really pretty in your swimsuit, and I think the colour is fantastic!

  5. Oh my gosh you look amazing!! Summer is over for me now (back at work) but I need one of these swimsuits fir next summer. I love the color!