Sunday, April 21, 2013

A pencil skirt

I finally summoned the courage to sew a skirt on one of my threadles! I used entirely my old Singer (and a hand sewing needle) to sew this skirt. It was such a joy, really, to see all the prerfect stitches form under my eyes, and I cannot wait to do it again. I wanted an easy project, with simple seams, as my first attempt to threadle, and thought a pencil skirt would be just that. The fabric was in my stash, a remnant from an old, disastrous project, and I had just enough for this skirt.

The pattern is the pencil skirt from Gertie's new book for better sewing. I modified the waistband, because of fabric limitations. It is the second time I sew it, and, in all honesty, the first one fits much better. I think the fabric is to blame, this one is much thinner and doesn't have as much body, so all the wrinkles show. I'm still quite happy with it. My biggest mistake is thinking I could do away without a vent in the back. I can walk in it without problems, but biking (I bike to and from work everyday) is quite, ahem, unconfortable. 

Because of the color, I am afraid it will sit in my closet without seeing much light until fall comes, but I think it will make a great fall skirt! 

The zipper is a handpicked, lapped zipper. I am really pleased with my work. I also lined the skirt, but I have to go back and shorten the lining a bit. Because of the fitting issues, the skirt tends to ride up a bit, and the lining gets exposed. Oh, well. I do, however, love those darts. Why are two darts so much prettier than one?

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  1. This is so pretty! What a nice, classic skirt! It fits you beautifully, too. Well done!