Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Work in progress - Laurel

I received my Laurel pattern last week, just in time for the long Easter week-end. I still hold a grudge on Colette patterns for the insanely high shipping prices, but at least the shipping was extremely fast. (I know, I could have downloaded the pdf, but I refuse to tape 76 or so sheets together if I have another option.) Anyways, I worked a bit on it during the week-end, until I had to stop because I didn't have matching thread... I remedied to that today, so I can get back at it. Soon. After I finish my Datura... oh Datura. So lovely. But that's for another post.

 I cut a mix of three sizes, hopefully things work out well. The side seams should be easy enough to take in if it ends up too big.

Then I set out to make the appliqué at the front neckline. I started by drawing triangles on the pattern i a shape I liked and transferred the markings to the fabric. I also interfaced the main fabric, as I was about to cut into it and did not wanted to risk fraying. I chose the most lightweight interfacing I had on hand, hopefully it doesn't affect the fall of the fashion fabric. The fabric is by the way the most beautiful shade of reddish purple, but I failed to photograph the color accurately... Artificial lighting, you know. It is most likely a poly or poly blend, as I bought it in India last november. It does however have a beautiful drape and is quite soft and lovely to the touch.

Then, I pinned a piece of cream satin behind and then basted between the shapes. Then I cut out all the triangles, very carefully.

My plan is now to go around each shape with a satin stitch on my machine to create the appliqué. I tested on some scraps and it turned out quite like I want it to do.

I'll be back with the finished dress!

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  1. Exciting! This is going to be so cool!