Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A spring Datura

Let me introduce you to my latest pattern crush: the Datura blouse by Deer and Doe!

Spring has finally come, and I cannot sew only dresses, so I expect I will be sewing many more of these adorable little tops! The pattern, despite looking quite simple, is not for beginners. It is labeled "advanced", and I think it is quite right. It is filled with great details, like the double yoke, the detailing at the neckline and the buttons in the back, and it is great fun to sew.

I did not quite understand the instructions for the yoke. I am quite convinced it uses a very smart technique, but I couldn't wrap my head around it, so I solved my issues with a few handstitches at the shoulders. There are not many problems that cannot be solved with a few handstitches... The main fabric is a mystery fabric I bought in India last november, and the yoke is some satin. The wole thing is quite clingy of static electricity, but I do my best to ignore it, because I really like the fabric, and it is really soft on the skin. 

 I also changed the construction a smidge and did french seams on the sides. It makes for a bit of bulk at the underarms, so I don't know if the was really so smart of me, but I couldn't resist. The clever construction with the faced yoke means that all the seams are enclosed, so I wanted to enclose the side seams as well. There are no raw edges at all inside this garment! I was a bit lazy and topstitched the yoke instead of handsewing it, but I quit like the result.

The buttons in the back are such a pretty detail. I omitted the buttonholes and stitched the buttons through all layers. Yes, I'm lazy. Also, I turned the hem twice and stitched instead of facing with a bias tape as instructed. I wanted to to a narrow hem, but miscalculated and the hem ended up being much wider than I expected. But it worked out very well, without puckers despite the curve of the hem, so I let i be.


  1. Beautiful Datura! I have this pattern queued up and am excited to make my own. I am getting nervous, however, because I've read a few different reviews citing the difficult construction.

  2. Cute!!!!! I've been waiting to see some versions of this pattern pop up on sewing blogs! This is adorable! Well done!

  3. Wow this is really gorgeous. I love the fabric pairing and those buttons! Love the button back. I'm the same way with french seams- they just look so much better, you know? And besides a little bulk underneath the arms can totally go unseen from anyone else but you so I don't think that was unsmart of you at all. (Unsmart is definitely not a word.. don't care. haha it works!) Anyways, great job girl. I had overlooked this pattern originally but now seeing yours has made me want to make it.