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I hope this blog will become a way for me to sort through all of my ideas, help me be more creative in my sewing and push me to be part of the worderful online sewing community that i have been witnessing for months now. I see this place most as somewhere to document my crafty endeavours. (Well, that would mostly mean all the dresses I sew. But sometimes I do sew something else, I promise.) I want to have somewhere I can gather and document everything i make, look at them and ponder over them. Somewhere to reflect over my style and gather inspiration. My handstitched files!

I thought I would start this adventure by sharing my goals for the year to come, so that I have something to look back to and remind me of where I want to be heading as I progress in my sewing.

Make things that I will love and wear

That means reflecting on how an item will fit in my wardrobe, what I will wear it with, before making it. And not just sew up a little top just because a fabric is cute. It also means being careful with the finishes, redoing a shoddy zipper insertion, and not cutting corners short. Taking my time planning and making things carefully.

Fill my closet with me-mades

I am not ready to take the plunge and take the Seamless Pledge, but I really want to fill my closet with me-made clothes. There is something that makes me really proud and confident when I wear a garment I made myself, and that is the main reason I make my clothes. Sure, I hate taking part in the mass consumption party of the big chain stores, and it's definetely part of the reason of why I sew. But it's not the first reason on the list. The joy of creating something with my hands, of seeing a garment coming together, the ingeniering of it are just more compelling to me.

Source better fabric / get to know fabric better

Here in Malmö, Sweden, finding fabric is really hard. There is polyester in almost everything i can touch in one of the three stores in town and the selection is pretty restricted. I want to sew with more natural fibres, hopefully of better origins. I really want to sew something in wool, for example, but I don't even know how wool crepe feels. So I need to learn more about fabrics so that I can order online.

And finally, a few thing that I am itching to sew this year:

- a shirt for the boyfriend
- a coat, a perfect, beautiful, wool coat
- a pair of perfect-fitting pants
- a perfect-fitting bra and matching panties
- and dresses, lots of pretty dresses!!

Please join me in this adventure!

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