Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I am so proud of this make. I mean: I knitted a sweater!!

I had always wanted to knit, and had learned, but never got past the stage of the scarf. I was convinced that I did not have the skills and/or knowledge to knit something more intricate, which was what i actually wanted to knit. Scarves are a little boring (no offence to all of you who like knitting scarves)... I was also quite jealous of the skills of knitters, and of what they could accomplish. And in thruth, I really loved the idea of sitting in front of the tv, with a cup of tea and knitting. Mysigt (that's cozy in Swedish...).

So I just dived in. Ignored the fact I knew very little about knitting, signed up on Ravelry, downloaded the Miette pattern (which I have seen so many lovely versions of, including Lauren's, who was very inspirational to me in her approach to knitting...) and bought yarn. Then I just starting knitting, following the pattern and looking up Youtube and my Craftsy class Knit Lab, which was fabulous by the way, when I stumbled on something I didn't know.

And I knitted a cardigan! It's not perfect, but nobody will ever know, and I LOVE it! I wore it to work, and nobody asked me the dreaded question "Did you make that?". I hate that question. Makes me feel like it is obvious I made the garment, and that it shows in the poor quality. Now, I do think that I make nice things, and I pay attention to the finishes, but maybe others see my makes with a different eye. Well, maybe it's something I need to learn to take as a compliment?

Now I'm totally hooked to knitting and I ordered new knitting needles and accessories. And I bought yarn for my next two projects, a beanie for my boyfriend and the Chuck sweater for myself. Oh my, cables.

Detail of the lace pattern. It's most visible at the bottom. 

Close-up of the button band and collar band. The buttons are mother-of-pearl in a creamy color.

My labels. I had them printed, so they are unique (well, all 200 of mine). The text and drawing are actually woven, so am really pleased with the quality of these. I sew in one in every garment I make!

Project details:
Pattern: Miette, by Andi Satterlund
Yarn: Drops Alpaca, 8 skeins
Knitted on 5mm circular bamboo needles and 5mm double-pointed bamboo needles.
Link to my Ravelry notes.


  1. I am so impressed that you sat down and knitted a cardigan! Doubly so since I don't knit myself. Love all the buttons down the front.

    1. it took much less time than i expected... and i loved the challenge!

  2. How exciting! Congrats on making your first cardigan! I made shorts the other year, that was my largest knitting project. This cardigan looks really great. And yes knitting is completely addictive.

    1. thanks! and knitted shorts? that sounds exciting!

  3. What a great looking Miette! Feel free to knit some cables for me too :-)