Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I had something else planned as my next project, but there is a contest over at Burdastyle... It has the most amazing prizes so it seems like it's the perfect way to spark things up in my sewing room! I had ordered the book Sewing Vintage Modern even before it was available, so I'm all set.

Of course, I'm going to go with something 50's inspired, so the Elizabeth dress will be my starting point. I'm thinking a full skirt, fitted bodice and sleeves. I had picked up a few meters of black lace at the sales a few days ago, without have a specific plan for it. Well, now I have a plan! I'll make a litte black dress (I can't believe I wear black all the time and my closet still lacks a lbd!) with the lace as an overlay, and lace sleeves. I have this idea of cutting the lace around the flowers at the hems for a feminine effect. Hopefully, the lace won't ravel and it should work. I put together a Pinterest board (my username is joellestlaurent) as inspiration. 

I have a fair bit of drafting to do to get the bodice as I envision it, mostly around the shoulders. I want set-in sleeves as they will be in lace only. That means I'll have to draft sleeves too... hmm I'm in for quite a challenge!

The bodice of dress will be underlined in black satin, except for the sleeves and the skirt will be lined with the satin so that the lace can be free flowing. I foud a quite nice black satin with a bit of body, which should suffice to get a full skirt. 

Off to my desk for some drafting!


  1. Oo I loveyour idea. I can't wait to see the finished projects, I'm sure it's going to be really pretty. A lace little black dress pretty much sounds like the epitome of feminine and pretty. A scalloped hem would look absolutely gorgeous too! If you find that your lace does fray, you can use fray stop on the bottoms and it will stop that. You just dab a bit onto the lace and it will dry clear so you don't have to worry about it looking any differently or anything. That's what I used when I made some bridesmaid skirts with the same kind of hem and it worked perfectly. Don't get the aerosol in a can kind though. That stuff helped nothing for me and I also don't think it's washable. I'm not sure though, I could be wrong.

    Anyways good luck! I'll be looking forward to the finished result.

  2. thanks for the tip! I didn't even knew there is fray check in aerosol, but i'll stay away from it. What I really hope for is that the lace fabric I have will lend itselt to this treatment. We'll see!