Monday, January 7, 2013

On my sewing table - bra making

In keeping with my sewing goals, I am kickstarting the new sewing year with Amy's Bra-making sew-along over at Cloth Habit!

I did make one bra, once. It turned out that the fit was disastrous... In my defence, I did follow the sizing on the pattern (Merckwaerdigh, BSH10, available on Etsy), but it was totally off. Since then, I learned a lot about bra sizing, and good fit, specially thanks to Kristin, so I feel up for the challenge. I also bought the Classic bra pattern, by Pin Up Girls (through Elingeria), which I believe is a better model, in terms of simpleness and fit. I am really looking foward the sew-along, especially since it will be the first one in wich I actually participate! I have gathered supplies, hopefully I have all that is required. I expect the fittings to be the most challenging (and time-consuming) part of the process, so I am really looking fowards the help we will get through the sew-along.

I plan on posting pictures and notes as I work, and hopefully I can put together a little inspiration post too. I never tire of pretty underthings... hopefully I'll soon be able to make them!

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